And the pain of love

Photo from Pexels and used under a CC0 license

He was three years old, maybe four, riding his tricycle in his family’s driveway when he lost his balance and fell off the seat onto the cold concrete below.

The landing startled him and his toddler brain grasped to understand what had just happened.

Feeling something wet on his bare…

Photo by Nathalia Belfort on Unsplash

And I’ve never felt more like George Washington

After working four years and six months at my Angel Investor-backed, cash-infused, market-disrupting employer, I finally qualified for benefits. Whew! I know, I know. As far as unpaid internships go, that was on the short side.

After unironically eating too many Flintstone gummy vitamins from the company breakroom, my back…

Karen Fayeth

I work all day, I art all night. Find me at and karenfayeth on all the socials (Twitter, Insta, FB, etc)

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